About In.Business

In.Business is a Mentorship Program for Indigenous Youth and provides the opportunity for young leaders to work with Indigenous business mentors. The program facilitates a business learning environment that sparks the imaginations of our young people about where a career in business can take them and the positive impact they can have. Why business? Because business drives economic growth. Business is the engine for enriching the lives of our peoples and communities. A new generation of Indigenous business leaders is the fuel, we help provide the spark.

When you know yourself, you know the value you bring.

Empower A Culture Of Success

Inspiring one person has a ripple effect. The lives we change will change the lives of many more of us. Our young leaders will bring knowledge as well energy and optimism back to their communities. They influence and inspire others, start new enterprises that improve economic outcomes, they engage as active members of the community, serving on band councils and having a direct impact on the future of our peoples. In.Business is proud to be a part of the legacy of a new generation of leaders.

Where Culture, Education & Leadership Unite

In.Business is facilitated by Unama’ki College at Cape Breton University.

Multi-Generational Perspectives

Learning from elders is something that is deeply engrained in our culture. That’s why we built mentoring from Indigenous business leaders into the heart of In.Business. We have witnessed centuries of change and we have learned how to adapt to it – valuable knowledge in today’s constantly changing business environment. Our culture and values directly influence our thinking and how we solve problems. We view everything and everyone as interconnected. And, it’s unique views like these that a new generation of Indigenous business leaders will bring to the business community.